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Revolution Church is a made-for-online, Open and Affirming Church. We celebrate the diversity of the human condition: age, gender identity, sexuality, race, ethnicity, neurodiversity, disability, etc.

Whoever you are, and whatever your story, you are welcome here!

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<Rev. Mark Vorenkamp>

Pastor (they/them)

The founding pastor of Revolution Church, Rev. Vorenkamp came up with ​the idea after a church of another denomination fired them because of ​their sexuality. Realizing how rampant the pain of church discrimination ​was, and how many lived in geographic areas where affirming churches ​were unavailable, Mark committed themself to creating a solution.

Rev. Vorenkamp is a Doctor of Ministry (DMin) student at United ​Theological Seminary focusing on trauma-sensitive LGBTQIA2S+ ministry. ​They have a Masters of Divinity (MDiv) from United Theological Seminary, ​a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing (MFA) from Spalding University, and a ​Bachelors from Michigan State University.

They currently live in Lansing, Michigan with their daughter, pets, and an ​odd collection of technology and fountain pens.

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<Revolution Church>

Revolution Church is made for the internet--a medium that puts everything at your fingertips whenever you want it--with sermons, worship, and community available whenever it fits into your life. It's designed to be an Open and Affirming Church, friendly to LGBTQIA2S+ people, neurodivergent, differently abled, and anyone of any race or ethnicity who has been hurt or discriminated against by churches in the past. Our goal is to be a place of healing and community for those who don't have a local church.

Revolution Church is not an alternative to church, it's just church done differently. We've looked at every element of what church has historically been and asked a single question, "how can we bring this into the 2020s?"

You're loved here, exactly as you are, and we're happy to have you.